Skinny Joe Duo

We’re serving up a double dose of skinny with our proprietary two-step duo Cup of Joe and Cap of Joe...a daily combo so effective a majority of users saw visible results within the first week.*

Whether you’re looking to drop a pant size or dress size or even more, our Skinny Joe Duo, along with a sensible diet and exercise routine, has you covered so you can uncover a whole new body.

30 Day Supply

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  • Stimulate weight loss*
  • Boost metabolism*
  • Control blood sugar*
  • Reduce sweet cravings*
  • Sustain energy levels*
  • Suppress appetite*
  • Super boost energy levels*
  • Enhance mood and focus*

What's inside

Only the best will do!

All of our ingredients are selectively sourced using the purest,

highest quality and most naturally effective weight loss compounds

Clinically Proven Ingredients


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